What the…?

To all of you who are checking out this blog for the first time, I say, “Welcome.” I thank you for taking the time, or rather, giving the time to read what I might have to say.

I know that curiosity can bring you here, but it won’t be enough to keep you here. I hope that I can make it worth your while.

What are you going to find here? Well, here’s my plan.

Initially, I want to riff on some of my favorites in movies, books and music. That should keep us busy for a while. I am by no means a learned expert in the fields of cinema, literature or the music industry.

I just know what I like (and what I don’t like.)

Maybe, in our visits together, I can introduce you to some movies, books, music and the people who make them, that you’ve never met before. That would be cool.

Maybe, after meeting them, you’ll discover a new favorite, as I have. Cooler still.

Maybe, after hearing what I have to say, you will so totally agree with me, or disagree with me, that you will be moved to drop me a comment and we’ll get a conversation going.

Aha, that would be the coolest of all.

Though I have been writing for a number of years, this is my initial swim in the vast ocean of blogging. Please be patient as I figure out how to design this page and learn how to operate all of the bells and whistles. Right now the room is a mess, but I’ll try to find you a place to sit so we can visit a while.

As I said, I’m glad you stopped by. Come again when you have a few spare moments.


About scribon

I have been writing for a good many years, but not too much in a public way. It's kind of like the guy who goes for a run in the morning before the sun comes up, under the cover of darkness, away from the sight of others. I grew up in a large family (ten kids) in a small city in Southeast Michigan. I have been living the second half of my life in an even smaller village and in a slightly smaller family (married with seven children) in the same area.
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2 Responses to What the…?

    • scribon says:

      Si, saracita, it is I. Thanks for checking it out. You can also take a gander at my other blog called Firefly Moments. Something to pass the time on those slow nights in Spain, eh?

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